Web Scraping Tutorial From Semalt Expert For Non-Professionals Users

Nowadays, the internet has become the number one source where the majority of managers and web searchers look for data they need. The web is a vast platform, and people need to use the right tools to extract all the information they want. One of the most important things is to get known how to track down the right dataset. For example, they might want to scrape a craft beer dataset and be able to analyze the results later.

However, firstly, the users need to know how they to get started with their own projects. If they wish, they can scrape a craft beer dataset from a website using Python.

Web Scraping: An Effective Extraction Tool

Web Scraping can help web searchers to automatically find a number of data from various web pages across the net. It's a very effective tool able to give specific results within minutes. Today, many sales managers use this tool to extract prices, lists of products and more. For instance, users could code a web scraper to give them a list of products they are interested in, as well as their rating from an e-shop website. In fact, scraping a website is an effective way to gather any data you need and improve the quality of the products or services offered.

A Bit Of Planning

Web searchers who want to build logic for a scraper they use have to make their own plans. First, they need to decide what kind of information they want to gather from this or that website. For example, they might want to extract pages containing information about craft beers. And this is not a big problem as there are a lot of web pages providing this information.

Check the HTML code

If they want their scraper to find all the information about craft beers, they need to look at the special code (HTML) of craft beers web page. They need to keep in mind that most web browsers offer a way to detect the website HTML source code with just a click. For example, on Google Chrome, web searchers can right click on an element in a certain website and then click 'Inspect,' to see the HTML code.

Beers & Breweries Databases

Breweries database is quite simple to create. Web searchers just have to choose all the relevant columns in the dataset, remove any duplicates and then reset it. By resetting the index, create a special identifier for each brewery. They will need this identifier when creating a dataset for beers because this way they have the chance to associate each beer with a specific brewery id. Also, they can make a dataset for beers and replace all the repetitive data about breweries, such as names and locations. Then they can match each brewery with a certain kind of beer.

Use Variables, like City and State

Through the dataset for breweries, they can make columns for breweries location, like the city and the state in which each brewery is located. They can separate these two variables by using the split function.

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